Madison Hot Seat Transformational Experience


Madison Hot Seat
Transformational Experience

Madison Hot Seat
Transformational Experience


What’s up, this is Madison,

I am inviting YOU to The Madison Hot Seat Transformational Experience…

Join me for AN INTENSE DAY-LONG WORKSHOP designed to level up your life, no matter what stage you are currently at.


The Madison Hot Seat Transformational Experience is a LIVE EVENT unlike any other. It contains a viewing of the BEST-OF-THE-BEST infield footage that Madison has at his disposal - combined with DETAILED, IN-DEPTH BREAKDOWNS.

On top of that, the concepts inside the videos are hammered into your head with ground-breaking Interactive Exercises that will leave you walking away in an evolved state of empowerment.

To push it over the top, Madison has added his unique GAME DISCOVERY COURSE which will focus on DIGGING DEEP into YOUR GAME.

The Madison Hot Seat is Made Up of FOUR PARTS:

Part 1: High-Definition Infield Hidden Camera Footage

In The Madison Hot Seat Transformational Experience…

This is guaranteed to be the most eye-popping pickup content you have seen in your life. We will crack open my SECRET IN-FIELD VAULT and put the highlight reel of my cold approach carrer up on projector-size display.

You will witness every type of girl, in every situation imaginable, all filmed in HD, up-close and personal so you can see with CRYSTAL CLARITY how pickup is done.

Part 2: Live Commentary Breakdown

During the show, I will pause the footage at KEY points in the interaction and break every little micro-nuance down in precise detail. You will see the intricate social dynamics at play right in front of your FACE!

Every approach, every social interaction, and every pull will tattoo a new lesson on your mind. I am giving you my ROADMAP TO PICKUP GLORY so you can replicate instructor level results that very night!

Part 3: Intense Interactive Exercises

You are going to experience the masculine characteristics that are responsible for massive success with women - first hand.

Lessons will be IMPLANTED in your subconscious so concretely that you will walk away dizzy from the super highway of neural pathways you connected in your brain.

The exercises will embed your new “head knowledge” into your character so you can later EXECUTE on that knowledge. Discover how to dial in your sub communications and portray the characteristics of a high quality guy.

Part 4: The Madison Game Discovery Course

(Unique to the Madison Hot Seat Transformational Experience)

The Madison Game Discovery Course will help you pinpoint your specific sticking points, and providing you with hard-hitting actionable strategies, tactics, and techniques in order to find your unique angle in game.

What is unique about the a Madison Hot Seat?


Sorry fellow instructors, but I have the best infield in the WORLD. The girls I pick up are consistently dimes, and I employ an easily replicable, relaxed, and simple style of game.

Must watch my YouTube clip where I pick up an international model in my gym clothes… my Hot Seat is clip after clip after clip of pickups LIKE THAT!

Do you want 10s? Do you want international models? You will discover EXACTLY how to open them, how to pass shit tests, how to keep your cool and how to deal with the dreaded hot girl blasé.

Here is a small sampling of the stash of pickup wisdom I have in store for YOU:

  • What never to do when pulling girls home. The most common, painful mistakes men make when they are seconds away from hot sizzling sex
  • Women only love a**whole’s, right? Nope. Discover how you can still be the “nice guy” and date high caliber women that most guys would die for.
  • Discover the absolute worst time to go for the make-out or get her phone number. You’re going to wish you knew this sooner...
  • Why it’s easier to get laid from cold approach pickup than it is through work or social circles. PLUS–see what real game looks like and how you can replicate it.
  • Are you having a rough time creating fun in loud chaotic environments? Hear the straight forward advice on how to turn boring nights into blockbuster and exhilarating moments.
  • You see a cute girl in the coffee shop and you decide to approach. Before you have a chance to spark attraction, you get nervous, stumble in your words, and blow yourself out. Why? Hear instructor-level insights in overcoming approach anxiety permanently.
  • How to verbally communicate interest in women without being needy. Using the techniques and strategies described in the event will leave you as smooth as James Bond.
  • Learn the secrets of “grown ass man” game… using inner presence that is irresistible even by flawless and intimidating women.
  • Did you know that most girls say they have a “boyfriend” when you are creeping them out? See why girls do it…. and how to get them to stop doing it to you.
  • Discover how to save interactions with women once you see it die down… And no, it’s not to keep talking more.
  • The easiest way to break through “bitch shields.” It’ll be like taking a walk in the park.
  • The truth about the 9s and 10s. Are they really difficult to approach? Or are they easier than the 6s and 7s? Jump into discussion with someone who travels all over the world and meets women for a living.
  • How to blast your way into girl’s sexual desires by using nothing more than your body language–and get taught how sexual tension works between a man and woman.
  • For a more comprehensive, profound, and direct breakdown of what cold approach pickup is, attending the LIVE event will leave you mesmerized of what’s actually possible with women.

Also, my specialized outside-the-box exercises will supercharge your verbal prowess, confidence, charisma, wit, and teach you how to “snap into state” on command.

Come ready to:

  • experience exclusive exercises that will help you edge up your character and values. You’ll unveil the foundation that will help you maximize your results with women instantly.
  • build everlasting confidence and certainty–a weekend breakdown that will immediately make impactful changes in your game and life effortlessly. Secretly being used by all RSD instructors.
  • seize your chance to discover a new you. Along with others whom are looking to do the same (you won’t be alone).
  • be exposed you to the subtle nuances that let you know when she’s into you–and to discover WHAT TO DO with this info!
  • learn how to (almost) never get rejected. The simplest and most natural way to achieve charisma is by this neural revolutionary transformational exercise that will be done at the event.
  • understand why up to 99% of men still don’t understand what charms women–And how attending the hotseat will permanently put you above this percentile of men, guaranteed.
  • Have years of pickup content and wisdom be transferred into your skull in matter of days… cutting your learning curve tenfold.
  • PLUS – a chance to network with likeminded individuals who are there to do the same, bettering their sex life and improving their lives overall.
  • Picture the hotseat being the only thing you need to pass through all the plateaus and handling your love life once and for all. This is as close as you get to the magic pill to getting results with gorgeous women TODAY.

Why you should learn from me…

During my time with RSD I have built a reputation as one of the world’s leading experts in self-confidence and cold-approach techniques.

I have travelled with every RSD instructor (mainly Tyler) and ventured out on my own world tours working with thousands of clients face to face and millions online.

My background includes working in the fashion, advertising and music industries. This experience brings a unique flavor to my game. I model the personas of the world’s coolest musicians and the biggest ballers in the entertainment biz.

I specialize in teaching confidence, originality, and razor sharp communication skills that will transform your approach to any social interaction. With my insider expertise, we will have you CRUSHING LIFE in no time.

4 Irresistible Bonuses To
Make This Deal EVEN Sweeter…

BONUS #1 - One-Year Global Pass

This is a ONE YEAR pass to the Madison Hot Seat Transformational Experience.

Think about it - you will be able to attend my Hot Seat as many times as you want - for a FULL YEAR.

This means you can take it again… and again… and AGAIN.

This means you can fine-tune your behavior and really leverage the concepts you learn.

You can hammer my lessons of social dynamics home until you know deep down you have it mastered.

BONUS #2: Tyler Durden's Classic Posts Collection

An EXCLUSIVE 108-page book directly from Tyler.

This book is completely OFF THE HOOK - 108 pages of INSANITY - it will BLOW YOUR MIND.

Experience the mad genius that is Tyler in the written word.

This expands on the sickest concepts
Tyler has ever created:

  • Female Psychology and Paradigm Shifts
  • Environmental State Breakers
  • Points of Change
  • State Control Revelations
  • The Importance of Conversational Ratio
  • Energies of Good and Energies of Evi
  • Being Higher Value and Natural
  • Social Intelligence and Vibing
  • The Nuts and Bolts of Passing Shit Tests
  • Unlocking Sets, Buying Temperature, Escalation
  • Ranging Your Way to Mastery
  • ...and a TON of other INSANE CONCEPTS that have NEVER been released before.

Bonus #3 Bonus Webinar with Tyler

This Bonus Webinar is ONLY available with The Hot Seat Transformational Experience.

Tyler is going to invite you to a private session designed to prepare you for your impending TRANSFORMATION.

This is going to FOREVER CHANGE the way that you perceive your life.

Bonus #4 Hot Seat Transformational Experience Video

With this bonus, we are going to get you a sneak peek inside the experience itself.

This video includes over an hour of change work done at a recent Hot Seat Transformational Experience.

This is more than just a primer.

This is a self-contained lightning bolt of transformative insights.

This will connect “current you” directly with your IDEAL YOU, and propel you toward that perfect vision of yourself.

The Madison Hot Seat Transformational
Experience comes with a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

I GUARANTEE that this workshop will spark an aggressive upward shift in the trajectory of your life.

If you don’t see results in the first 30 days, just email customer support for your money back. It is that simple.

There is ZERO downside. There is no risk. At the very worst you will get to see my MIND FRYING infield at no cost.

Come out to the Madison Hot Seat Transformational Experience…

Honestly, the insider knowledge and training in this program make it AT LEAST 10x more valuable than its small price tag.

Knock yourself out of your stagnant routine and try something NEW!

If after 30 days it doesn’t deliver 10x the value - refund it.

Let me know what you think… take the 30 days and apply the principles taught.

At the end of the day, you will walk away in a state of gratitude for this low-price, high-value education.

You’ll see guys crying at the end - overwhelmed by gratitude.

You’ll see some freak out.

It doesn’t matter if you are already advanced - you will discover nuances that you never saw before.

If you are intermediate - you will develop the consistency that you currently lack and will start to enjoy RESULTS every time.

If you are beginner - you will come away with a CLEAR vision of what success with women looks like and how you are going to GET THERE.

I pour my heart and soul into this experience every time. I know for a FACT that if you come, and you apply my system, you will walk away leaps and bounds closer to that IDEAL YOU!

I have seen it countless times and routinely get emails dubbing this event as the “turning point” in past participants lives.

Get on board, sign up now, and brace yourself for the EXPERIENCE.


RSD Executive Instructor

PS: Remember, seating will be limited to the room capacity in each city. Rooms will be booked to accommodate as many students as we can without sacrificing the quality of the experience.

If the room maxes out, we’ll fill it up based off who ordered first. So don’t wait on this. Sign up RISK FREE today to secure your spot.



You, me, and a quality RSD team will come together to instill my pillars of pickup, dating and success into the fiber of your being. I'll see at Hot Seat!